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By adding modules to the core, Tunebase offers endless opportunities for sharing, integrating, analysing and promoting. Next, the different modules which Tunebase can offer are described. You can decide which modules you would like to add.

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This is NewsApp

Share your news, everywhere, where you want to share this. Let us explain in a few simple steps how it works!
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Compose your message

Start using NewsApp with composing your message, you can link different products to the message and upload some files.

Select platform

Start using NewsApp with composing your message, you can link different products to the message and upload some files.

Select mailinglist & template

When you want to send your message trough a newsletter, you can set different options.

Preview & approve

Preview your message and check if everything is correct, when it is correct you can approve it!

See the statistics

Want to see what your message has done? Check the statistics page and get all the information about your readers.
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Share to everywhere
The NewsApp ensures your communication is always up-to- date and consistent. If you want to send a message you just have to make it once and pick the channels you want to send it to (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Mobile App, Google+, website). The content automatically adjusts and is suitable for each medium.

Send your newsletters
With this tool you can also easily send newsletters. Templates are included in the system. Sending newsletters can be optimally done by using the profile database.
You can watch a tutorial video by clicking this link
See how statistics can help you gain insight on the reach of your message

Preview tool

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The Preview tool gives the press and other relations access to a preview page which shows new releases or concert programs. Upload audio, video, press pictures and other information which you only want to show to a selected group.
Access to this part of the website will be blocked by a password in order to ensure that only allowed relations will be able to use it. Statistics will show who entered this part of the website.
Click here to view a tutorial video

Media Module

Simple media management
This module can gather all audio by uploading it from a CD. The uploaded audio can be automatically matched to meta data of CD’s and tracks which are in the system. These audio files can be used for music samples of 30 seconds attached to your product in the webshop and full tracks can be added to the preview tool. Besides, the audio will be send to the streaming server which enables future music streaming.


Concert agenda

This page makes sure that all upcoming concerts are displayed on your website. When you enter the concert into the system, you can make use of the common database of venues. For example, if you are playing in the Concert Hall Amsterdam you can choose the address from system. Concerts which needs to be placed on different websites, for example on both the website of the label and the artist, only have to be entered once.
You can watch a tutorial video by clicking this link



In the webshop CD’s, DVD’s/ BluRay’s and merchandise can be sold. You can fully control and monitor activity in this webshop. If you wish so, these products can be stored in our warehouse. That way, when a buyer places an order on your website, it will be automatically send to our team. Payments, delivery and service will all be arranged. The Sync Modules makes it possible to connect different warehouse systems to Tunebase.


Profile Database

The profile database collects all information about your customers. It will enable you to send e-mails to selected target groups. For example, you can send concert information to all people living in the surrounding area or select them by their musical preference. For each of the customers in this database buying behaviour can be monitored.


Contract cabinet

In this module you can saved signed contracts. Agreements on for example royalties can be added to have the complete information for your administration.

ISRC administration

For a label this tool can lead to great time reduction. This database gives you the option to register all audio in one database with International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC). This is mandatory for digital distribution of music.

Program module

This section is very useful when concert programs need to be promoted for concert bookers. The concert programs can be entered and meta data can attached to it. That way a preview tool can be created, which can be send to bookers. Published reviews of the concert programs can be added to make it even more valuable.

Statistics module

You can easily find all relevant information in this module. Not only does it display the number of visitors of your website, you will also be able to check Facebook visitors, Twitter statistics, webshop sales, stream and download data and Wikipedia views. This module can be customised according to personal preferences.

Sync module

Tunebase enables you to change content only once and display it on other websites or platforms. For example, if a label writes news about a new release of one of their artists, it can be monitored on both the website of the label and the related artist.

Widget module

The widget module ensures flexibility of the content of your website. You can create blocks with content like a concert agenda, news, the latest album or pictures. Each page on your website can have its own widget, which will ensure that you communicate the right message depending on what the visitor of your website is looking for. Imagine a fan is looking at your biography, a concert agenda displayed next to it which could inspire the visitor to buy a ticket for the concert!

And this is also possible with Tunebase



Show people the things that you enjoy, or did do, with a beautiful picture gallery, powered by Tunebase.


Let people listen to the music that you make, just upload your audio and people can listen to it on their computer and mobile device.

Social Media

Share everything you like and let other people like what you are doing on your website. Social Media is intergrated in Tunebase.

Fillout Form

Would you like to make a form for your visitors where they can answer some of your questions? In Tunebase you can make such a form and download the results in a csv file.

Activity per album

Of each album you can track activities in a timeline. This timeline will show all important album information: the release date, the mailings you have sent about the album, reviews that came in etc. Additionally, you can add other activity manually. That way, you will be able to see all important information about a release, including marketing effort and results. This report can be sent to the people involved with the specific album.

Export tool

This module can be used to export information about your release based upon a set of parameters you can choose from. For example, you can choose all releases in a period of time, from a specific genre or label, within territory, with a certain
rating or based upon availability. The result can be exported to an Excel file. Customised export templates are available upon request.

Price calculator

The price calculator can give you an overview of all the prices within a format (eg. 1CD/2CD/SACD) or chosen label. You can either edit a specific price directly in the matrix or have the system suggest a price based upon the most common prices for that format.

Release bulletin

From the release schedule you will be able to compose a release bulletin which can be sent to press or retail. You can compose this with selections like genre (eg. jazz / classical), ratings and release date. This enables to you to create a clear overview of the released albums with all necessary information for the target group.

Streaming playlist

With this tool you can create a playlist on a website for streaming. The tracks can be uploaded in Tunebase and added to the playlist. The online player provides links to buyers sections on the website, and can therefore be used as a promotion tool.

Download shop

The download shop expands the physical shop by allowing customers to download tracks to their computer. Multiple formats are supported, like MP3 and WAV.


Tunebase features a dedicated artist section where you can store biographical information as well as see social media and sales statistics.
Click here to view a video tutorial

Release mailing

Composing an effective business to business mailing is very easy to manage using Tunebase. Our releasemailing tool can handle multiple layouts and can be connected to artists and product in the database.
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